Apr 28, 2011

Bulgarian training bag

Description: Also known as "the ultimate training tool", this product is considered a very efficient fitness device setting in motion many muscle groups. The device consists of a bag with handles and filled with sand, and they come in different sizes and weights.
               Here is an example of  how to use such an equipment:

      The business is the import and the marketing of the proposed device.
Resources needed: - documentation regarding the purchase from the cheapest source
                                 - expenses related to product acquisition
                                 - product promotion
Pros: - easy to store, being small
                     - it can be transported easily, allowing training in other places than the gym.
Cons: - if the product is promoted well, this business does not involve disadvantages
Conclusion: Many training methods, the compact form and the easy storage make this product  a business opportunity worth giving a try.

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